Disability in the News

Check back frequently for the latest news about disability issues pulled from across the web. Newest first.

76 arrested in Capitol protest over Medicaid cuts” ADAPT protests in Washington DC.

Maine Law Changes Disparaging Language in State Statutes, Programs

Plainview Mom Pleads Not Guilty in Death of Eight-Year-Old Daughter

Tribute to a Revolutionary, Disability Rights Leader – New York activist Pat Figueroa dies

Boy, 4, Allegedly Killed By Mother Identified“.

Over One Million Australians with Disabilit[ies] are Working

5-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Brooklyn“: Is this a crime or a “tragic accident”?

Autism Rises: More Children than Ever Have Autism, but Is the Increase Real?

Mattel Agrees to Produce Bald Barbie After Viral Facebook Campaign“: NOTE: Cancer does count as a disability!

Disabled Woman Held Captive“: A woman is found in Queens, New York after her niece in Pennsylvania voices her concern.

Mom Plans to Sue School District” A student is banned from using her walker.  Look for a post from Cara Liebowitz on this after our vigil coverage, in April.

Two teachers caught taunting disabled boy, 10, as ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’ after his mother bugged his wheelchair with recording device

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