Brutality: Poem by Erin Lewy

by Erin Lewy


I swim in a sea of words
Sharp enough to kill

To justify abuse, brutality
Handcuffs, tasers, guns

To serve and protect
Applies to very few

The rest of us know
This is a killing sport

Crimes against us ignored
And more perpetuated

Shoot first and ask questions later
A battle to the death

Lives seen as less worthy
Extinguished in the name of justice

Our deaths dismissed,
“Understandable, considering.”

People excusing themselves
Calling murder mercy

And brutality justifiable
In the face of fear and hate

So strong that the only recourse
Is death, meted out to eliminate us

To erase that we were even here
Lest anyone face

True justice for what has been done
In the name of the law.

Editor’s note: In light of the sensitive nature of our upcoming post, we will be taking an intermission in posting until Monday, April 16 and continuing our coverage then.


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