Poems by Meg Mertens

by Meg Mertens

Death, Despair, Murder

George, Tracy, Willowbrook, More

When will we have rights?

* * *

I was in the house

Mother told me I should die

No one objected

* * *

I tire of seeing the deaths of others

The calm talk, the debate, murder not mercy

They talk of killing our sisters and our brothers

The newspaper coverage pled understanding for his mother, a travesty

People say we don’t understand discrimination

I say, I knew what a hate crime was when I was five

We understand many things well, especially your damnation

George Hodgins never reached twenty three, why do the masses say he was a burden alive?

We should not have to live in terror of our families deciding our worth

I hope one day to read the paper and see a ‘mercy’ murder judged for what it truly is, killing

Many people are caught up in foolishness, judging people by their birth

Until that day comes I will wait, and when it does it will be gratifying

I will always be ready to discuss

About us, not without us.

* * *

Anger, hate, pain, fear

Our numbers have decreased

Our value has not

* * *

A parent hears cries of pain

What we hear is attempts at communication

We are no changeling children, what would we gain?

We did not steal those perfect babies, much to your lamentation

I see your eyes as they look past

My friend is not my handler, I am my own being

If you lived a day like mine, you would not last

I am an expert in myself, something you are not seeing

Mom, what is the matter?

Mom, why do you have that gun?

Mom, why are you crying? I didn’t mean to make you sadder.

Mom, why did you kill your son?

I’m sorry no one saw how unhappy you’ve been


* * *

George Hodgins, Dead

Does his name ring a bell? No?

I did not think so

I might not be perfect

I’m no changeling, but your child

Why did you kill me?

* * *

We at DRN decided it was best to forego posting on April 2nd in honor of Autism Acceptance Day, to avoid taking traffic away from anyone participating in that event. 


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